Bamboo: Fact, Fiction and Flyrods – II

Bamboo:  Fact, Fiction and Flyrods – II is essential reading and reference material for all serious bamboo rod-builders.

Although the hard copy version is now sold out, the 2nd edition is available to download through this website for £20. To order, please visit the Ordering Page.  The 2nd edition is greatly enlarged and revised over the 1st edition.  It consists of 258 pages, 60 photographs, 144 drawings and 86 graph plots.

The main addition is a study linking heat-treating, flexing, set, ageing and breakage.  Previous studies are reviewed and the combined conclusion specifies the optimum heat-treatment for bamboo.

Throughout the book, the text is revised to reflect ageing and lifespan factors.  New sections are included on experimental rod cross-sections, fly lines, oven designs, node pressing, ferrule making in graphite and bamboo, and major repair techniques.  Much of this information is not available elsewhere.  Since publication of the second edition, I have written a separate supplement examining flame treatment and flexing life.  This is also now included when you buy the book.

If you have a query, please email me at  [Updated January 6, 2018]

Comments by reviewers of the book:

“Milward has … advanced rod making to a new/higher level.”
R.J. Barch, Editor, The Planing Form
Issue #123 June 2010

“It is the most scientific compendium on bamboo and rod construction yet written.”
John Zimny, Rod-builder
Delaware, USA

“These (machine) drawings are almost worth the price of the book themselves! … I highly recommend Bob’s new book.”
Todd Talsma Editor, Power Fibers emagazine
July 2010 issue, pg.6

“… covers a wide spectrum of topics, in depth.
It will find its place right beside Garrison.”

Dr. Wolfram Schott, Rod-builder and bamboo researcher